About Me

Welcome to my creative space! With a background in youth work spanning 17 years, I've shifted gears to embrace my love for photography. From capturing candid moments to staging vibrant scenes, my lens freezes timeless beauty. Starting on Instagram in 2018, where I blend music and quotes, I'm now taking the next step – offering my photographs for sale. Explore my collection and let my images bring joy, comfort, and laughter to your everyday life.

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My Book

I’m a dedicated and passionate child and youth worker who is exploring the field of being a self-published author. Whether it be for at-home routines, classroom management, or the homeschooling community, my goal is to assist you in implementing strategies to assist our students, children, and youth with self-awareness through self-regulation. The content inside this guidebook is plentiful and beneficial in strengthening communication and problem solving together in order to increase the independence of our youth. I am offering a comprehensive guidebook for supporting young minds and empowering young hearts. Head on over to my website and Facebook page for additional insights!

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